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The accident - risk potential for every motor vehicle user

The DCoder provides valuable assistance in the event of an accident - the facts:

Nearly 2.5 million traffic accidents were recorded last year in which a total of 327550 people were injured. 2719 even lost their lives. Besides these sad facts, however, there is the good news that these numbers have been declining for years. There are many reasons for this. On the one hand, legal changes such as the introduction of speed limits or construction measures contribute to this, on the other hand, improved vehicle technology plays an increasingly important role.

Fortunately, not all accidents are life-threatening. A large proportion of accidents involve minor damage, with the parking bumper being the most common cause of damage. In most cases, this results in more or less extensive damage to the car body.

But what actually is a Parkrempler? According to "", a parking bumper is defined as follows:

"A parking bump is a minor damage caused by an accident. However, a parking bump is not considered accident damage. A scratch or a dent that has been pushed out, for example, are petty damages. But anything that would already be colloquially described as an accident does not generally count. So generally speaking, that's damage caused by unknown third parties, like dents or scratches in the paint job."


However, the costs that may arise should not be underestimated, which can quickly amount to several thousand euros, as well as the loss of use for the necessary time of the repair.

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, many questions often remain unanswered, for which values from the vehicle can provide valuable information.


Our digital platform can provide insight: In the event of a more serious accident, data such as the speed at the time of the accident can be read out, or what G-force was measured during the impact. The system also provides information on whether an evasive maneuver was made - all important features for reconstructing an accident. The 3-axis sensor also allows parking bumps to be recorded and evaluated. The evaluation data is exclusively reserved for the fleet manager or the vehicle owner. This means that data cannot be passed on to third parties.

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