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The cloud-based diagnostic platform for digital first aid on the road. Europe-wide.

DC Connected Intelligent


DC Connected Virtueller Assistent

Virtual Assistant

For us, modern and cloud-based diagnostics must also be intelligent and autonomous in use. 
Our virtual assistant takes over the conversation with the customer, recognizes the concern or the problem, and searches for the appropriate solution based on diagnostic expertise that has been specially trained for each brand.

DC Connected Bot Kfz-Techniker Künstliche Intelligenz


Alternatively, our bot can assist automotive technicians in diagnosing and suggesting solutions to problems. 
By linking our diagnostic intelligence to remote diagnostic systems of networked vehicles, fault patterns can be validated with autonomously controlled diagnostic sequences and decisions on how to proceed can be made automatically. Patterns in fault patterns from different manufacturers are recognized and can be used for resolution.
Necessary parts procurement with spare part numbers and the correct version of a software version can also be transferred. 

The interaction with our virtual technician takes place via video call or smart speaker, simple and intuitive. 

The future of vehicle diagnostics is now.

Conversation bot - customer

Conversation bot - technician

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