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The cloud-based diagnostic platform for digital first aid on the go. Europe-wide.

DC Connected Automatisiert



In our view, many applications in vehicle diagnostics should be automated. It doesn't matter whether it's an initial problem assessment in the event of a breakdown or whether ECU data is required in the event of accident damage when the vehicle is appraised.

DC Connected Diagnosehardware der Fehlerspeicher überprüfen


Nowadays, the fault memory and the like are checked here on site purely manually with diagnostic hardware. However, we are of the opinion that the limited number of specialists should be used for the important decisions and work and unnecessary recurring work should be minimized as far as possible.

That is why we have automated vehicle diagnostics with our Diagnostic.Cloud. and thus reduced the time required many times over.

DC Connected Zukunft Fahrzeugdaten in Echtzeit übermitteln


Even before the vehicle owner arrives at the repair store, all information about the vehicle and the problem is already available here, including the complete fault memory, mileage and service requirements.
The same is possible, of course, for accident appraisals or vehicle valuations. 
As soon as a digital diagnosis is triggered via our platform, we check the release by the owner and transmit all necessary diagnostic data in real time. 
Our solution is used in digital damage reporting systems, vehicle appraisals with scanners or online vehicle trading.

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