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The Cloud-based Remote Diagnosis for digital first aid on the road. Europe-wide. Worldwide.

DC Connected Remote Diagnostic Cloud


Remote Diagnosis 

Remote diagnostic functions of connected vehicles as with the original diagnostic device, but from anywhere. Get cloud-based insights into vehicle health and allow customers to continue driving in case of emergency.

Remote Diagnostics Platform

DC Connected Remote Diagnose Plattform

With our remote diagnostics platform, we enable partners such as assistants, workshops and experts to use remote diagnostics functions in their own network. In the administrator area, customer vehicles can be networked and made ready for use in the event of an emergency. This is possible for everything from individual car repair stores to globally active insurance companies.
The sub-user area is for the application of diagnostic procedures, for technical personnel such as automotive technicians, assistants, breakdown services or experts. Here, vehicle data can be read out and in-depth ECU data, fault codes or even freezeframe data can be checked.

For certain manufacturers, write functions such as resetting an ECU or clearing the fault memory are also possible.

DC Connected Video Call Support Funktion

In order to be able to help the customer in the best possible way, we also enable video-telephone functions in order to get the eyes into the vehicle and to be able to understand the problem even better.

DC Connected Anwendungsfall Remote Diagnose

Use Cases

Use cases include digital roadside assistance, a digital damage check for warranty insurance or fraud checks for accident damage. We are constantly expanding the features of our remote diagnostics to provide our partners and their customers with the best possible remote diagnostics experience.

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