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DC Connected Car GmbH Innovativ und Stark

Our Team. Our Vision. Our Mission.

Innovative Product 
Strong Team


We are a strong and passionate team with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

A lot has happened since we started. Our 2-person founding team has now grown into an ever-expanding team of 12 colleagues. Different cultures meet, bringing together their innovative ideas.

Dennis Christ DC Connected Car GmbH
Dennis Christ
Founder & CEO
Ralf Schollenberger DC Connected Car GmbH
Ralf Schollenberger
Co-founder & COO
Willian Servigna DC Connected Car GmbH
Willian Servigna
Co-founder & CTO
Sarah Gazso DC Connected Car GmbH
Sarah Gazso
UX/UI Designer & Media 
Daniel Meißner
Javier Cavallo
Software Architect
Gabriel Gil DC Connected Car GmbH
Gabriel Gil
Sr Software Engineer
Luis Satruno DC Connected Car GmbH
Luis Saturno
Software Engineer
Leonidas Cerna DC Connected Car GmbH
Leonidas Cerna
Software Engineer
Oscar Alcalde DC Connected Car GmbH
Oscar Alcalde
Software Engineer
Andrea Mata
Project Analyst
Gabriele Christ
Project Analyst
Daniel Jungen.jpg
Daniel Jungen
Data Scientist
Madelyn Leos
Software Development
Mateo Robaina
Software Development 


"The structure of a vehicle has changed fundamentally,

whereas in the past, the screwdriver solved the problem,

today, software updates provide the solution."


Our vision is to shape the future of mobility by always being one step ahead when it comes to preventing vehicle problems. We strive to become the leading brand in remote diagnosis and predictive maintenance technology to reduce maintenance costs and downtime, thus ensuring sustainable, digital, and environmentally friendly maintenance.

DC Connected Vision

We treat each other fairly and respectfully.

At DC Connected Car, we are stronger together. The way we act, work, and make decisions is aimed at taking care of each other and treating everyone fairly and with respect. The strength of our culture will be the crucial factor in securing our innovative power for the mobility of the future.


"We are transforming the maintenance of future mobility by leveraging digital technologies in an ecosystem for efficient troubleshooting and proactive measures to keep vehicles mobile."

DC Connected Mission


DC Connected Werte



We treat all people equally and respect their differences. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and working to create a positive and integrative work culture.

DC Connceted Gleichbehandlung Werte
DC Connected Werte



We work closely with our service providers and suppliers to achieve our vision and satisfy our customers. We maintain long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We are committed to fair business practices and strive to develop sustainable solutions together that minimize environmental impact and maximize efficiency. We view our service providers and suppliers as partners on our journey to shape the mobility of the future.

DC Connected Zusammenarbeit Werte
DC Connected Werte


Employee friendliness and fitness

We take care of our employees and create a positive work environment that is conducive to creativity, collaboration, personal growth, and enjoyment of work. Health is more than just not being sick. We believe that we need to create a compassionate and empathetic work environment and consistently address our mental, emotional, physical, and social health to maintain and improve our well-being. We know that a compassionate work environment is more resilient, engaged, healthy, and cooperative.

DC Connected Mitarbeiterfreundlichkeit und Fittnes Werte
DC Connected Werte


Integrity and joy

We always act ethically and adhere to our commitments to our customers, employees, and society. We believe that work should be joyful! We promote a positive and cheerful atmosphere, and we celebrate the achievements and successes of our team members.

DC Connected Integrität und Freude Werte
DC Connected Werte



We take responsibility for our actions and decisions and work for the community by engaging in efforts to improve our environment and society. Financial crime violates existing laws. It takes an enormous social and economic toll on the people it affects, endangering the future of people. DC Connected Car does not tolerate financial crime and has taken measures to prevent, detect, and respond appropriately to such activities. Financial crime includes, among other things, corruption, bribery, money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud, tax evasion, and accounting fraud.

DC Connected Verantwortung Werte
DC Connected Werte


Innovation and competition

We strive to continually develop new solutions and ideas to achieve our vision and satisfy our customers. DC Connected Car is committed to promoting free and fair competition. Free and fair competition is essential to providing our customers with the best possible solutions to secure their future. All employees are expected to always comply with applicable antitrust and competition laws. This includes making decisions on pricing and product and service offerings based on our experiences and market knowledge and participating fairly and independently in bidding processes.

DC Connected Innovation und Wettbewerb Werte
DC Connected Werte


DC Connected Nachhaltigkeit Werte


We aim to minimize our environmental impact by implementing environmentally friendly technologies and processes and advocating for the conservation of natural resources. Based on our corporate responsibility strategy, we incorporate ecological and social concerns into all of our business activities. This ranges from integrating these issues into our entire organization to managing our interactions with stakeholders outside of DC Connected Car. We offer our customers sustainable products and services to enable the transition to a low-carbon economy and responsibly use natural resources. As a company, we want to promote and enable a self-sustaining livelihood for future generations.

DC Connected Werte


Customer orientation and security

We are committed to our customers by offering high-quality products and services and ensuring excellent customer service. Fair and transparent treatment of our customers regarding our products and services, including their limitations, is the best guarantee that we enjoy our customers' long-term trust. We handle personal data responsibly, transparently, with due care, and in a fair and lawful manner.

DC Connected Kundenorientierung und Sicherheit Werte

"We ensure our customers stay on the move."

Let us strive for that - with passion, every day.



DC Connected Nachhaltigkeit Saubere Energie

In an industry where energy demand is constantly increasing, DC Connected's service platform solution can make a lasting contribution to reducing component failure and replacement and mitigating climate change in the use of energy in vehicles.

DC Connected Nachhaltigkeit Innovation

DC Connected creates the incentive to offer an innovative and manufacturer-independent solution to ensure the mobility of vehicles. This will modernize mobility and make it more sustainable, resource-efficient and clean.

DC Connected Nachhaltigkeit Produktion

DC Connected has played an important role in accelerating the transition to sustainability. The innovative remote diagnostics solution optimizes work steps in the area of breakdown assistance. This means that trips can be reduced thanks to remote diagnostics.

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