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The transformation of digitalization

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Change in digitization in the automotive industry

Old world vs. New world

The change of digital transformation has been in full swing in almost every industry for years. Many large and medium-sized companies have to adapt and evolve accordingly. Startups, on the other hand, are entering the transformation change and developing innovative products or services. However, there are also critical opinions and views here.

The old think everything is too superficial - the new think everything is going too slowly.

The challenge: to unite the old world with the new world of digitization.

Analog services vs. digital services

Digitization is also making itself felt in the automotive industry. The e-car, autonomous driving or the networking of vehicles are just a few examples that are part of the transformation in the automotive industry. For this transformation to work in vehicles, software, electronic components and sensitive control units are used that offer points of attack for error messages or invisible damage in the event of an accident. For this reason, new technologies and business models are developing. As a result, more and more customers are also relying on new and innovative approaches.


More and more often, unpredictable problems arise. Out of habit, the customer wants to use the analog service, drive directly to the workshop or call the breakdown service and, above all, have the problem diagnosed immediately. However, thanks to digitalization, a new service can be implemented that also solves these problems digitally.

With our cross-manufacturer remote diagnostics platform, it is possible to keep vehicles digitally and environmentally mobile, as well as to prepare repairs. We thus offer added value to all subsectors of the automotive industry when it comes to planning, saving time and costs, or procuring spare parts.

The Diagnostic.Cloud. makes it possible to establish contact between customer and service provider digitally and offers services that can be provided remotely in real time. In this way, we guarantee digital, predictive and environmentally aware mobility maintenance.


With the know-how of companies in the automotive industry, the new needs of customers and the new technologies of digitalization, analog and digital services can be brought together to meet the needs of both sides.


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