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Technical background

After the automotive magazine "kfz.betrieb" published an article about us, we have received countless questions regarding the technical background or the functionality of our DCoder and our software. Therefore we would like to go into this question a bit more detail in this article.

A profile is created for each user of our digital automotive service. We have developed various portals that are adapted to the needs of the respective users. There is a portal for workshops that focuses on fault ,TÜV and service management. The portal for fleets is designed for the technical organization of vehicles, but also offers modular options for route documentation and categorization.

But how does the data get to the various user interfaces?

The DCoder plugs into the OBD interface in the vehicle and connects to the vehicle. On the first drive, it identifies the vehicle identification number (VIN) and starts communicating with the ECUs. This can be thought of as similar to a diagnostic tester. During the drive, values such as mileage, fuel level or service requirements are retrieved first, and then the fault memory (currently OBD and engine - others to follow) or the status of the engine control light are also checked every minute. Occurring errors are transmitted. If an error is present, it is displayed in the workshop profile and the vehicle is reported as an error vehicle.


"good to know": The driver profile also shows that a fault is present, but not exactly what the fault is. We made this decision because the DC Connected digital automotive service is based on the professional and technical expertise of the workshops and their trained employees, and we believe that only experts can make a competent statement about the seriousness and further recommended action of the errors.


This approach has two very big advantages, which serve both workshop and drivers:

1) On the one hand, the workshop can give the customer a prognosis in advance as to whether he will still be able to drive the vehicle.Ø

"Last year, a customer of our workshop went on vacation to Tyrol.

We saw in good time through the DCoder on her eight-year-old Opel Corsa that the crankshaft sensor was defective or not working. Before she started her return journey, we were able to inform her that she needed to visit a workshop to have the crankshaft sensor checked. At the local workshop, it turned out that it was very likely that she would have stopped, and on a route with many tunnels and, above all, far from home. If she had turned the car off, there would have been a very high probability that it would not start again. She would have had a great deal of trouble getting back home."

Example from Ralf Christ, workshop operator


2) On the other hand, the repair process or the workshop visit can be extremely shortened. In many cases of a fault message, the workshop can restrict which part is needed for the repair. In this way, the workshop can deal with the ordering of spare parts in advance or also plan the repairs or the daily schedule better, thus reducing the customer's waiting time at the same time.


"A customer recently experienced a throttle control error message and the problem of his vehicle having a sporadic loss of power. Being very involved in business and having a busy schedule, he could only spare his vehicle for as short a time as possible. Without the MIL permanently lit and the engine bucking, we were able to allow the customer to continue driving until an appointment, looking at the fault memory entry. We then ordered the throttle body by overnight express and ordered the customer to the workshop the next morning. Because of the foresight in preparing and, most importantly, having the needed part on hand, the vehicle was repaired within two hours and the customer was overjoyed to be able to attend all of his meetings."

Example from Stefan Adä, workshop employee


"good to know": Our digital automotive service can also be implemented without a smartphone. The development of our driver app only serves to make it more convenient to use.


So much for the technical background of our digital car service.

We are looking forward to your contact, further questions or any other feedback!

Your DC Connected Team



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