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Safety on the road?!

The goal - safety!

The TÜV Report 2021 reveals serious deficiencies in the field of road safety!

What this means and how this trend can be stopped is the topic of this blog post!


How is road safety actually defined?

According to the definition, road safety describes a condition in which all road users can participate in road traffic without incurring any damage. This includes both injured persons and material damage to vehicles and traffic facilities.


Accidents with fatal consequences, accidents with severe environmental pollution or simple parking bumps are terrible, nerve-racking and partly avoidable side effects in our mobile society. Growing offers of online delivery services and an increasing number of vehicles provides for a negative tendency. Road safety is on the decline! It is clear that every road user should do everything possible to reverse this trend.

The results of this year's TÜV Report show that there are major challenges, particularly in the area of commercial vehicles:

  • Almost 2.9 million vans and small transporters with a total weight of up to 3.5 tons (including Ford Transit, Merced Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter and Renault Trafic) are on the roads.

  • Significant defects are found in almost one in five commercial vehicles

  • 10,000 vehicles had to be immediately taken to the workshop due to dangerous defects and are thus out of service

  • At the same time, technical safety tests have not even been adapted to digitalized vehicles yet

(Source: TÜV-Verband)


Commercial vehicles in particular are heavily used and pushed to the limit, while care and maintenance are severely neglected. Particularly in the case of leased vehicles, little attention is paid to roadworthiness, as these are usually returned at the end of the contract.

This may make economic sense, but it is fatal for road safety!

In the discussion about what mobility will look like in the future, attention must be paid not only to new forms of propulsion, sharing models and car subscriptions, but also to making participation in road traffic safe for everyone. The health status of the vehicles must be visible, and it must be possible to act proactively in order to ultimately increase road safety.

In addition to general safety, this implementation can also pay off economically for entrepreneurs, as breakdowns can be planned, downtimes reduced and processes optimized.

Through a clear insight into vehicle data, the condition of the various parameters, reminders of service and TÜV due dates, as well as professional and predictive fault diagnosis of technical problems, the road safety of the vehicle owner, vehicle user or vehicle attendant can be improved!

Increase road safety - this goal has been intensively implemented in the development of our software!

Your DC Connected Team



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