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We introduce ourselves:

"Crap - car stalled - my garage is over 100km away. What do I do now?" (Customer of a car repair shop from Bavaria)

HELLO to all car enthusiasts, all colleagues out there and of course to all other curious people.

Today we proudly present you our first blog post, in the DC Connected Extrablatt, and would like to bring all those who can not yet so much with the term DC Connected closer to who we are, where we come from and especially what we do.

Let's start with the "who" - Today we would like to introduce you to our founder:

Dennis Christ is 27 years old and if we paraphrase his curriculum vitae below, you will quickly realize that the automotive industry is not only the industry in which he works, it is his passion!

Basically, Dennis has been at home in the automotive industry since he was born, as he grew up with the family-owned workshop "Ralf Christ Kfz-Meister-Fachbetrieb", which has been successfully run by his parents since 1994. In 2012, after graduating from high school, he then started his apprenticeship as an automotive mechatronics technician at a large dealership in Neu-Ulm, followed by service technician and automotive master technician, both of which he successfully completed in Munich. After that, he returned to the family business. He received a scholarship from Sbb-Bayern, which enabled him to attend various further training courses in the field of electromobility and automotive expertise, and now, since last year, he is the proud founder of DC Connected Car GmbH.

To our origin - Where we come from:

The roots of DC Connected lie in the family-owned automotive workshop in Nersingen. Thanks to the cross-generational workshop team, we were able to implement all functions within our software in a very practical and intuitive way. In the grandparents' house, the automotive workshop is located on the first floor and our small office is on the 2nd floor. We are located in Nersingen, in the district of Neu-Ulm, which belongs to the federal state of Bavaria.

That's what we do - To the point:

Our mission is to make local automotive service more digital but at the same time to strengthen direct ties and trust with the trade.

Our digital automotive service is implemented with two main components: firstly, our software and secondly, our DCoder, a small device that plugs into the vehicle's OBD port and forms the bridge between the vehicle and our software. Our DCoder reads vehicle data such as mileage and fuel level and transmits the data to the software. The most important function, however, is the one that allows the trusted workshop to read the fault memory remotely.

To come back to our quote at the beginning - With our digital car service, the workshop you trust can offer you technically competent support regardless of location and can also give you recommendations for action on the road.

So if your car stops 100km away from your workshop, the workshop you trust will still be there to help you!

Your DC Connected Team



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