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Where do we, the DC Connected team, actually work from?

Of course, we can actually do a lot of our work from anywhere, so according to the principle "home office". But we still find it very important to have a central, common meeting point and we would like to introduce it to you today.

We conducted a short interview with Gabi Christ. She is the mother of Dennis, our founder, and runs the family garage in Leibi with her husband Ralf Christ. Our office and test hall are also located on this property.


The interview with Gabi Christ:

DC: Let's start at the beginning - how long has the building actually been there?

Gabi: The building was built in 1969/1970, before that it was a barn, which belonged to the parental home of Ralf's mother Christa Christ.

DC: So how did it end up becoming a workshop?

Gabi: In the barn cars were repaired in the sideline already in former times. In 1969, as mentioned above, the barn was demolished and the current workshop building with apartments was built.

DC: And how did you get to the workshop?

Gabi: We took over the workshop from Ralf's parents at the beginning of 1994. In the beginning, we also had a car dealership, but soon concentrated on the workshop business.

DC: How do you like it that Dennis implements his ideas together with you and that you work together like this every day?

Gabi: I think it's great that I can be a part of DC Connected and that I get to see so much. Of course, it is precisely this practical connection to the workshop that is enormously important for DC Connected's digital automotive service. I'm especially happy that I can support Dennis on a daily basis.


In the meantime, the Ralf Christ workshop is a successful and well-known workshop in the region. They offer the motor vehicle all-round care: Inspection, TÜV acceptance, fault diagnosis, accident repair and system and high-voltage technology There is almost no customer request, which the 5-member team can not fulfill. The master workshop has been an Autofit partner since 1996. At the end of 2020, Ralf Christ's former children's room in the attic was converted into the DC Connected office:

A part of our DCoder is also stored here:

Also in 2020, the new hall was built on the company premises, which is used jointly by Ralf Christ and DC Connected. It serves us as a test hall for updates of our software and to work out innovations:

Now you can get an idea of where we come from, where your questions are answered, where our ideas originate, and where we develop digital automotive service.

Your DC Connected Team



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