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We say NO to plastic!

As a young company, we have already made some decisions on any subject. Some of them have not been easy. What was easy for us, however, was to decide against plastic.

While we were intensively tinkering with our software and testing our DCoder at the very beginning, the question quickly arose as to how we would like to design our packaging? One thing was clear, especially when it comes to packaging, we have the opportunity to make a contribution to society. So we made a big effort to use sustainable and recyclable materials and still bring in our style.

The adhesive tape

For the adhesive tape, we chose a material made of paper. The adhesive is derived from natural rubber. Through our printed QR code, you also have the opportunity to visit our website directly.

The carton

Our cartons are mainly made of recycled cardboard, reusable and 100% recyclable.

The bag

Especially with the packaging of our DCoder, we have not made it easy to find a sustainable alternative. Our little bag made of ecological cotton offers the necessary protection, is recyclable and ecologically produced.

And we think they look great.

The filling

To provide the package contents with the necessary protection, we use simple and sustainably sourced filling paper instead of bubble wrap.

Of course, we generally try to limit the use of "new" packaging materials and use filling material and cardboard boxes more and more often.

You have questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us!



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