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"Step by step" explanation - using our DCoder for drivers.

▶️ STEP 1

Contact the workshop you trust or us and receive personal access data and DCoder.

▶️ STEP 2

Plug the DCoder into the OBD interface.

▶️ STEP 3

Log in to our website or the DC App.

▶️ STEP 4

Have a safe feeling on every ride.


But what does the whole thing look like exactly?

Our user interface is simple and clearly structured. The driver can log in via our website or via the DC App with his access data.

In the vehicle view, the vehicle details are clearly listed. Status of faults, TÜV/service dates, battery voltage, mileage, fuel level and (if desired) the location of the vehicle.

In the "TÜV/Service" section you will find a detailed list of when the TÜV is due, when the last inspection was, when the service is due and when the next oil change must be carried out.

The workshop can be contacted easily with two clicks via the status of the errors. The errors can be checked and recommendations for action can be made.

Basically, our view for drivers is simple and clearly structured. If the tracking of the vehicle is approved, there is still the possibility to list the routes and to categorize them. In the area of technical fleet management, further activities are possible within our app.

You have questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us!



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