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DILO Review of the year 2021

The year is almost over and a lot has happened in 2021 - also at DC Connected. We were able to help many people with various challenges this year with our software solution. Today, we would like to present some of them to you once again.

What does DILO actually mean? 💡
In marketing terms, DILO stands for "Day in the life of" and is a kind of multimoments.
But for us DILO means "DCoder in life of". With DIOL, we would like to introduce you to a person once a month who has been helped by our DCoder in an everyday situation.

Sarah & Zimti (Sarah's horse):

"Recently, I went to the tournament for the first time alone with Zimti in the trailer. On the way, my engine control light suddenly lit up. I had total panic to stop. That would have been a disaster with Zimti in the trailer (she is not the most patient mare). Luckily, I was able to contact my garage via the DC Connected app via one click after stopping in a parking lot. I contacted the workshop via WhatsApp. Just two minutes later came the relieving call: it was just a sporadic error that they could easily clear over-the-air. My day was saved, the engine control light was off and we could continue driving after just a few minutes. I don't even want to know how much nerves that would have cost us if we had to wait for hours for the towing service. And the tournament would have been over, too."


Uli Bayer, Bayer Bakery:

Starting with a coffee and a pretzel, Bäckerei Bayer has now been supporting us in the development of our software for more than half a year. During the test phase, we developed functions together and optimized existing ones.

Even now, we still benefit from the many years of practical experience of the traditional bakery. In addition to the further development of internal vehicle designations, the overview of live location and optimizations of service data, we are grateful for the support and look forward to the next enhancements that we will work out together.

In addition to the digitalization of the vehicle organization, the Bayer bakery also increases road safety!

How? You can read about it in our blog post „Road safety“.


Michael Schleier, master plasterer and company owner:

Michael Schleier, master plasterer and owner of a plaster, stucco and insulation technology company, has a lot on his plate with his well-run business. Since one does not have sometimes also still time for it to think of other dates, like for example all cars of the firm fleet in time to the TÜV to register. That can be expensive!

With the DC Connected service, he is now easily reminded via app when which vehicle has to be inspected or serviced. On top of that, he can then easily make an appointment with his trusted workshop with just one click.


Car Rental Daniel, Mrs. Daniel:

Customer satisfaction is the guideline of Car Rental Daniel.

Car Rental Daniel has been one of the first companies to support us in our development in FLOTTEN.portal.

When renting vehicles, one is quickly confronted with some challenges. Keeping track of the health of the vehicles is a very time-consuming task without any tools.

However, since Mrs. Daniel, the owner of the car rental company, is committed to providing the highest quality of service, she works very carefully. But why not use digital tools?

Our platform shows Ms. Daniel all relevant technical vehicle data.

Recently, we also implemented our battery monitoring together with the car rental company to ensure unrestricted mobility for every vehicle renter.

How? You can read about that in our last blog post.


Sina, globetrotter:

Sina set off on a trip through Europe 1.5 months ago. With her little VW Fox, a great sense of adventure and well prepared she started her trip in Ulm.

Sina travels along the Atlantic coast of Europe and wants to visit many surf spots of different countries.

Through the DCoder, she can always find her car or home when she is on the move.

Two weeks ago, her workshop even managed to avoid a breakdown. Sina was driving along the Spanish coast when the battery charge indicator light came on. She turned the car off and restarted it. After that, the light was off. However, her workshop was already shown a fault in the engine control unit on the alternator in the dashboard. Since it was not a sporadic error, the workshop contacted Sina and advised her to visit a workshop to have the battery voltage measured on site. In fact, the battery was under too high voltage and if the generator had not been replaced, Sina would have broken down in a short time. Who knows on which deserted road she would have been on then.

Sina's trusted workshop was able to avoid the worst by being able to read out the faults regardless of location.

*In this case, too, our battery monitoring will offer further added value in the future*


We are also looking forward to many more projects in the new year, with which we can do our part for mobility and road safety.

Your DC Connected Team



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